Xtend Perform by Scivation – High Performance BCAA!

You know those workouts that just absolutely smash you, where you feel like you can’t push on any more as you’ve given your absolute 100% effort? We’ve all been there – and we all know the importance of fast recovery so that we can keep coming back to train for the results we want. To make sure that recovery happens fast, you need Xtend Perform by Scivation High Performance BCAAs; a great formula that will have you back and smashing out the reps in no time!  

What is Xtend Perform by Scivation?

Scivation’s Xtend Perfom is a High Performance BCAA with the ability to support muscle growth and development, to help aid your recovery and support your journey towards the results you want from your training. With a high dosage of BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio, patent-pending PEAK02, Citrulline Malate for improved blood flow, and electrolytes for performance, Scivation’s Xtend Perform helps to support muscle growth, strength output and improves oxygen uptake. 

How does Xtend Perform Work?

When we train, our muscles get exhausted, and our Branch Chain Amino Acids (the building blocks that help to keep us alive and moving) get depleted. To properly recover and support our muscular development, we need to replace these BCAAs, however this isn’t something that happens naturally in the body – we have to get it from external sources. While BCAAs are found in some foods – you could eat all day long and still not get enough from your food to replenish what has been lost. That is where Xtend Perform High Performance BCAAs come in! Here to improve oxygen uptake, assist in maximising power output, and support your recovery, Xtend Perform is exactly what you need to make sure you can keep hitting the gym at your peak every time. 

What are the Benefits of Taking Xtend Perform by Scivation?

  • Supports muscular growth and repair
  • Aids in recovery and encourages faster results
  • Awesome amount of BCAAs per serve
  • Supports oxygen uptake around the body
  • 2:1:1 BCAA ratio with added Citruline Malate

Our Thoughts:

Here at, we love a good BCAA product and this one has quickly fallen into being one of our favourites! Not only do the range of Xtend Perform flavours taste great, but the benefits we feel from taking it before, during, or after a workout are insane! We love how much it helps us to recover, and that it leaves us feeling ready to smash out another big session. Scivation’s Xtend Perform is exactly what we need to achieve our desired results and most certainly gets our nod of approval!


Where can I buy Xtend Perform by Scivation?

Xtend Perform is proudly stocked by us at You can get your Xtend Perform by Scivation now by clicking on the link below!


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