Vusion 100+ Match Green Tea – Multi Source Tea!

If you’re after an energy kick that picks you up and leaves you feeling refreshed, energised and ready to go, then you can’t go past Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea. With benefits that spread from assisting weight loss, through to making you feel more alive, each little sachet in your packet of Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea is like a little burst of life, ready to help you take on the world! 

What is Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea?

With 137 times more antioxidants than standard Green Tea, Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea is exactly what you need to feel like you are bursting with life again! Vusion Matcha 100+ contains the variety of antioxidants and herbal power you are looking for to feel more energised, with increased vitality and overall quality of life to your days! If wellbeing is important to you (which it should be), then Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea is a product not to be missed.

How does Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea Work?

Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea comes from Matcha Tea that is grown in the most fertile ground in Japan. It is shaded from the sun to increase its chlorophyll content, which gives it its distinctly vibrant green colour that is rich in antioxidants. It is these antioxidants that provide all the benefits to us when we take Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea, and is something that has a prestigious history of use in Japan due to its quality grade compared to standard Green Tea. 

What are the Benefits of Taking Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea?

  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Aids in fat loss
  • Great for general health and wellbeing
  • Low in sugar, Gluten Free, Fat free and Dairy Free
  • Vegetarian and Vegan friendly

Our Thoughts:

Truth be told, we absolutely love Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea! With a huge variety of sizing options to choose from, you can make sure there’s enough to go around for everyone, or you can stock up for yourself! Let’s face it – who doesn’t love having more energy to get through the busiest of days? At, our days are pretty flat-out and Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea is just what we need to make sure we have increased vitality the whole day through! 


Where can I buy Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea?

You can get your hands on Vusion 100+ Matcha Green Tea right here at If you can’t wait to start feeling more energetic, healthier and more alive, then click on the link below and grab yours now!


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