V.I PRE by XCD Nutrition - New Intense Pre-Workout!

Prepare for razor sharp focus, extreme energy and endurance support. V.I PRE or Very Intense Pre is made with carefully selected ingredients to put you in the zone and keep you there while you blast rep after rep with explosive strength and muscular performance. This incredibly strong product will take your workouts to the next level with intense energy, insane pump and tunnel vision focus!

What is V.I PRE by XCD Nutrition?

Formulated to give you the power to blast through your workouts, V.I PRE from XCD Nutrition packs potent stimulants and high power pump agents into one product, making sure you dominate the weights! Rather than create something generic, XCD Nutrition uses carefully chosen ingredients that work synergistically together to ensure that there is no wasted space in their product, and no wasted time for you in the gym!

How does V.I PRE Work?

By providing you with the benefits of select ingredients like octopamine, XCD Nutrition proves they know how to get the most out of you. Octopamine is the final product of L-Tyrosine metabolism, and its inclusion in V.I Pre is because it works as a powerful stimulant that will also amplify the effect of caffeine. With the addition of L-Tyrosine due to its ability to enhance your focus prior to its breakdown to octopamine, V.I Pre will take your training to new heights!

What are the Benefits of Taking V.I PRE by XCD Nutrition?

  • Enhanced Mental Energy 
  • Intense Focus & Drive 
  • Instant Pumps & Vascularity 
  • Explosive Strength 
  • Maximum delivery of nutrients for Growth

Our Thoughts:

The team at loved V.I Pre from XCD Nutrition when we tried it because the incredible blend of ingredients worked together to make our training sessions truly insane! From the long lasting pump we received to the awesome dose of energy, V.I Pre blew us away completely. With laser-like focus and a powerful psychoactive neuro-enhancement, XCD Nutrition has made a product that is definitely, Genesis-approved!

Where can I buy V.I Pre by XCD Nutrition?

If having incredible workouts and improving your performance are things you want, buy V.I Pre today, just by clicking on the link below!

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