Vi-Tea by Vitawerx - Delicious Green Tea!

Vitawerx are an incredible company that are dedicated to providing the absolute best quality products, and that is obvious from the very first sip of Vi-Tea! Made in Australia, Vi-Tea is an awesome addition to your daily life, boosting your inner health, mood, energy, and even helping with weight loss! Vi-Tea is easy to use, and convenient, making it an obvious choice for anyone who wants more from life!

What is Vi-Tea by Vitawerx?

Vi-Tea is one of the rare products that has been made for all day use, containing almost no caffeine while still bringing all the awesome benefits of green tea! Perfect for a mid morning pick-me-up, an afternoon power-up, or with breakfast for a healthy and clean way of starting your day! By using Vi-Tea, you give yourself the absolute best chance on good inner health, and overall wellness, while also helping in fat removal!

How does Vi-Tea Work?

Vi-Tea is simple, and it is this simplicity that gives it such potency. With white and green tea extract, grape seed extract, and lingonberry extract, Vitawerx set out to create something that would work, and didn’t need to use flashy ingredients to do it. The effects of green and white tea on health have been proven many times, and the inclusion of lingonberry, while not common, makes sense due to its high vitamin and antioxidant content.

What are the Benefits of Taking Vi-Tea by Vitawerx?

  • Detoxify and cleanse
  • Smooth, natural energy boost
  • Help with weight maintenance
  • High levels of antioxidants
  • Boost thermogenic capability

Our Thoughts:

The team at adored this green tea drink, due to its subtle effects, and great taste! A noticeable improvement in overall wellness is a major benefit, as is the smooth energy boost you get. If enhancing your health in a convenient and delicious way sounds like something you want to do, you definitely can’t look past Vi-Tea, and with a range of incredible flavours to choose from, why would you? Definitely, Genesis-approved!

Where can I buy Vi-Tea by Vitawerx?

If you are keen to get your hands on an incredible green tea, Vi-Tea can be yours today! All you have to do is click on the link below!

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