• Healthy lifestyle
  • Time management
  • Time planning

Active people make things happen in their lives. Making the time for you and your healthy lifestyle will keep you around longer in a much more healthy state then if you spent the next 10 years watching 3 hours of television each night!

Everyone’s daily schedule can be hectic. Finding the time for work, education, family, food, a social life, and sleep at the end of your day requires a lot of planning and sticking to a plan. If you add an intense and time consuming activity such as bodybuilding in this mix, time management can get much harder!!

If you plan your day smart, there are enough hours in the day. The problem is using the time efficiently in order to organize and do everything. We listed a few tips you can do to help you keep your life in order. This is the time you can look at rescheduling your daily routine!


What are your goals? What are your priorities? Where do you want to improve?

For most of us work is a priority in terms of a daily routine. Life mostly revolves around fixed hours at work and so our routine must be planned taking this into consideration.

The best place to start with your new daily routine is to take a piece of paper and write down things that are unavoidable due to work, education and other important family commitments such as taking the kids to school! This is what you have to work around.

The next very important thing to consider is the gym – your weight training and cardio schedule. This is a personal choice and entirely depends on your training experience and goals. You can decide if you wish to train after work, later at night or early in the morning. Allocate a time that suits you best!

Adequate rest is another one of the important factors of a healthy lifestyle and it allows us to recover mentally from time at the gym, recover physically and provide some essential off-time.

Healthy food and its daily preparation are imperative to life and just as important to muscle growth, development and recovery. Choose a time to cook your healthy meats and carbs!

Efficient planning and preparing can cut the preparation time in half so you can still enjoy your social life and family life!! Balance is the key!