Is stress affecting your body? If you are reading this article your answer is likely YES! The most common complaint that ladies have is that they are not happy about putting on weight after they have been over-eating due to stress.

First of all we need to realise what makes us stressed and how it feels when we are relaxed. We need to understand the negative impact stress has on our bodies, and why it happens. Stress is very real and has a very real impact on the physical functions our bodies prioritise whilst dealing with stress. “Stress” can best be thought of as how our bodies respond to difficult situations. If we have a situation in our lives and we allow it to be a priority in our minds, our bodies can respond in some strange ways. It can trigger a “fight or flight” mode, rendering functions like digestion, as of secondary importance. You can imagine what a prolonged period of this can lead to. Stress can lead to weight gains, malnourishment and loss of muscle tone. So learn to relax with these tips.     

If you can learn to relax, you will identify the eating/stress problems and address them.

  • Best ways to relax and manage stress
  • Enjoy your life without stress
  • Minimize the negatives


  1. Take one thing at the time.  We all have problems but if we worry and stress about a few complications in life, we can cause more problems for ourselves. Find a quiet place and take a 5 minute de-stress break to practice your breathing. This is one of the simplest yet most effective things we can do to de-stress our bodies and stop the stress hormones from escalating, causing fat to be stored! Keep your cortisone levels stable and positively think of the solution or how you can make things better, looking at only one thing at the time.

  2. Exercise. Begin your day with a workout. The sooner you get it done, the less likely other obligations will stand in the way of fitting it in. Not to mention you will feel better, happier and healthier. Cardio and weight training will help burn off some of that anxiety, also helping you to sleep better! Stay consistent with your workouts, and try new things once in a while – new weight exercises and different cardio that will keep you interested and make your training fun! If you’re too confused, hire a personal trainer!

  3. Buy new workout gear or clothes. Make room in your wardrobe. Just by getting yourself a nice new bright top for training or a summer dress can make you happier and help you get into it more. It can also be a great way to reward yourself for your efforts or reaching a particular goal in your training. And shopping will always release some stress, ladies all know that!

  4. Use the right supplements. Fat burners with energy boosters can change your entire day from average to amazing! Energy boosters and stimulants can help you focus, improve mood, improve energy levels and make you feel good about doing what you can to get yourself in good shape. I find supplements, like D-fine8, work wonders when it comes to alleviating stress and elevating your mood.

  5. Eat healthy. Healthy eating can have a huge impact on our health, which will impact our mood, our mind and especially our body. A poor diet can lead to lower energy levels, chronic sickness and fatigue. Having an unhealthy body can lead to an unhealthy mind. The better we feel about ourselves, the better view we have on life. If your body is responding well to an exercise and diet program, the more we will love the changes and the easier we will find solutions on obstacles in life!!