Stars N Pipes by ‘Merica Labz - Explosive Pump Agent!

Merica Labz have knocked it out of the park with Stars N Pipes, the pump formula to turn your guns into cannons! With just three ingredients, Stars N Pipes cuts through all the noise around pre workouts and delivers massive amounts of exactly what you need for an insane pump! Stars N Pipes will help you grow and explode in the gym, thanks to ‘Merica Labz!

What is Stars and Pipes by ‘Merica Labz?

Designed by ‘Merica Labz to be the explosive hit needed to dominate the weights, Stars N Pipes is all about increasing your performance! Free from stimulants, and containing huge amounts of just three potent pump orientated ingredients, Stars N Pipes was formulated to give you freedom from being skinny, and make you explode with growth!

How does Stars N Pipes Work?

With just three ingredients, there is no wasted space in Stars N Stripes.While all three ingredients play a huge role in giving you the pump of a lifetime, it's the citrulline we love. For sports performance, the dosage required is 6000mg +, which is what we see per scoop in Stars N Pipes. This sheer volume of citrulline malate is enough to produce a surge in your power output and endurance level, along with a huge reduction in fatigue, allowing you to do the extra reps needed to pump even more blood into your muscles!

What are the Benefits of taking Stars N Pipes by ‘Merica Labz?

  • Enhanced focus
  • Skin peeling pump
  • Increases endurance
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves power output

Our Thoughts:

The team at love being able to explode with size and power, which is what Stars N Pipes did for us! With just three ingredients, ‘Merica Labz has done more than most others will ever do, period. With a focus that is unshakeable and a pump that is beyond extreme, Stars N Pipes will have you absolutely crushing your workouts, and blowing up with size! Definitely, Genesis-approved!

Where can I buy Stars N Pipes by ‘Merica Labz?

If you’re looking to buy Stars N Pipes, you’re in luck, because it can be yours today! All you have to do is click on the link below!

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