SlinMax by PerformaX - Nutrient Insulin Partitioning Complex!

If you are looking for a nutrient partitioner designed as an insulin mimetic to help boost muscle growth, then look no further! SlinMax by Performax is exactly what you need! Far from your average muscle builder, SlinMax is unique in its ability to work with the most anabolic hormone in your body, Insulin, in order to support muscle growth and size.

What is SlinMax by Performax?

By boosting insulin production and insulin sensitivity, SlinMax is able to catalyse the synergistic effects of Androgens, Growth Hormone, IGT and other hormones that can affect muscle growth. It is this incredible effect on your hormones that allows SlinMax to support your vascularity, muscle growth and size, and even weight loss!

How does SlinMax Work?

Proudly stocked at, SlinMax brings together a unique blend of highly effective active ingredients that together support muscle growth, size, weight loss and vascularity. With Agmatine Sulfate for pump and insulin sensitivity, Berberine HCL for glucose disposal, and Black Pepper Extract for the disposal of certain compounds, as well as several other key ingredients, Performax has certainly delivered the goods with their potent SlinMax blend.

What are the Benefits of Taking SlinMax by Performax?

  • Supports lean muscle growth
  • Insulin mimetic
  • Nutrient partitioner
  • Promotes long lasting pumps and vascularity
  • Increases fat loss

Our Thoughts:

The team at are big fans of the whole Performax Range, and SlinMax has certainly stepped in as one of our favourites. A powerful nutrient partitioner that helps to control insulin levels and support muscle growth, SlinMax is exactly what you need if muscular gains are on your list of training goals! 100% Genesis approved!

Where can I buy SlinMax by Performax? is proud to stock a wide range of Performax products, including SlinMax! Get yours now by clicking the link below!

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