RP Max by EHP Labs

EHP Labs are responsible for one of (if not THE), most popular fat-burners on the market today: OxyShred. This is a company who has grown a cult-like following after the undisputable success of their product lines; EHP Labs are not only producing supplements which taste fantastic (like Beyond BCAA), but they're producing supplements which really set the industry benchmark with regards to quality. The introduction of a serious pre-workout formula has been long anticipated, and so the team here at Genesis Nutrition are thrilled to be stocking (and reviewing) RP Max by EHP Labs.


What is RP Max Pre Workout?

RP Max by EHP Labs is a potent, pre-workout igniter which has been designed to dramatically boost energy levels, enhance focus and concentration, catalyse muscular strength and endurance, and mitigate musculuar fatigue (allowing you to work harder, for longer). Alongside its clinically formulated stimulant matrix, RP Max has also been designed with strong thermogenic properties which help to increase the body's metabolic rate. As the leading fat-burning brand on the market today, EHP Labs know how to formulate a successful thermogenic. RP Max is a pre-workout supplement at heart, but a genuine contender in the "heavy-weight" fat-burning/thermogenic arena.


How does RP Max Pre Workout Work?

By incorporating a complex matrix of ingredients which work together synergistically, RP Max by EHP Labs is a no-bullshit pre-workout supplement. All included compounds have a role to play, and as we've come to expect from EHP Labs, there are no filler ingredients added to cheapen the blend; this is a high quality formula, in line with the rest of the EHP range. Here's how RP Max works: beta alanine, for strength and endurance; guarana seed extract, for increased energy, mood and concentration; yerba mate leaf extract, blended with bitter orange extract, to catalyse fat burning, promote thermogenesis, increase energy levels and ramp up the body's metabolism.

What are the benefits of taking RP Max Pre Workout?

  • Increased metabolism
  • Greater Muscular Endurance
  • Increased focus
  • Mood enhancement
  • Extreme energy

Our Thoughts:

Within an increasingly saturated pre-workout/thermogenic supplement market, it's easy to be overwhelmed with options. So, is RP Max a good product? From the company who brought you OxyShred, OxyWhey and Beyond BCAA, EHP Labs is dedicated to releasing high quality products which taste great and perform even better. RP Max is no exception. Coupled with it's non-stim brother, PSI by EHP Labs, this is a seriously effective pre-workout stack for anyone looking to maintain serious pumps, focus, energy and strength throughout their workout. With thermogenic properties, RP Max is not only an excellent choice for its stimulants - its fat burning properties allow you to see greater physical results from your training. From personal experience, the team here at Genesis Nutrition loved using this product; we found the energy to be very clean, and we didn't suffer from the typical stimulant crash.

If you're looking to increase your energy, maximise your pumps, discover laser-beam focus or get shredded, RP Max by EHP Labs is the pre-workout supplement for you!

Where can I buy RP Max by EHP Labs?

Here at we stock the entire EHP Labs range of products. Below we have included a list of items that include RP Max and an assortment of other EHP items available for purchase with us online.


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