Protowhey by BNRG - Premium Protein!

If you’re after a protein that not only provides you with a huge number of benefits, but also tastes great, then look no further than Protowhey by BNRG! A highly advanced protein powder, with 100% hydrolyzed whey protein, BNRG’s Protowhey gets the protein to your muscles fast, speeds up the recovery process, and will support you on your journey towards your training goals.

What is Protowhey by BNRG?

Uniquely formulated to provide the smallest protein peptides through complete hydrolyzation, BNRG has focused on making their Protowhey easier and quicker for the body to digest and absorb, meaning your body reaps the benefits faster than other proteins available on the market. With a minimum 40% di and tri peptides for lightning fast absorption, Protowhey also supports intestinal health with exclusive SoftPsil micronized psyllium fibre and nutritionally important fatty acids, making it more than just your average protein.

How does Protowhey Work?

With arguably one of the most complete peptide matrixes on the market, and 100% Pure High DH GH Hydrolysates, BNRG’s Protowhey gives your muscles exactly what they need when it comes to protein absorption. With each serve containing just 140 calories, but a huge 20g of protein, BNRG has focused on delivering the most important aspects in their Protowhey and has done so in a range of easily mixing, great tasting flavours.

What are the Benefits of Taking Protowhey by BNRG?

  • Helps to increase strength and power
  • Supports effective recovery
  • Low in carbohydrates and only 140 calories per serve
  • 5.7g of BCAAs per serve
  • Supports endurance

Our Thoughts:

Looking for a protein that is going to be rapidly absorbed, giving your body the exact supplementation it needs to support muscle growth and recovery? Then the team at highly recommends you give Protowhey a go! Incredibly high quality, tastes great, and formulated in a way that makes other proteins out there seem slow by comparison in terms of absorption, Protowhey is the way to go! 100% Genesis approved!

Where can I buy Protowhey by BNRG?

Protowhey is now available from! You can grab yours now by clicking the link below!

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