Prototype 8 by ATP Science - Vasodilator!

ATP Science has done it again with their innovative new product, Prototype 8. Always bringing out ingenious products that step up the way we train and the results we get, Prototype 8 is ATP’s vasodilative compound designed to increase bloodflow and localised thermogenesis. If you are wanting to speed up the process towards achieving your training goals, be they toning up or building muscle, give your body the support it needs with Prototype 8.

What is Prototype 8 by ATP Science?

Giving you the edge you need if you want to build lean muscle and tone up, ATP Science’s Prototype 8 is applied directly to the skin and works to increase nutrient uptake to the target area. With active ingredients that dramatically increase protein synthesis when applied to the muscle target zone, Prototype 8 is simultaneously able to enhance muscle growth and reduce muscle break down, giving you the support you need to enhance your results.

How does Prototype 8 Work?

In order to get the best results from Prototype 8, use it on an active muscle after the warm up period. This increases the uptake and absorption of the serum into the target muscle group, giving you the best chance at enhancing the results you get from your training. Prototype 8 contains three specific factors that allow it to work so effectively; trade secret “cold-processing”, increased penetration enhancers, and added active ingredients such as Rosemary Essential Oil. It is these core differences that benefit mind-to-muscle connection, enhance microcirculation, block pain and enhance glucose disposal into the muscle, allowing for greater muscle growth and intra workout strength.

What are the Benefits of Taking Prototype 8 by ATP Science?

  • Assists mind-to-muscle connection
  • Helps to increase nutrient uptake
  • Creates massive pump
  • Supports localised bloodflow increase
  • Aids intracellular thermogenesis

Our Thoughts:

If you are looking to increase bloodflow and nutrient uptake to localised muscle groups in order to give your body the best chance at lean muscle growth, then Prototype 8 is the product for you! The team at is significantly impressed by Prototype 8’s ability to increase thermogenesis in target areas to help with subcutaneous fat, as well as its ability to create big pumps and support muscular growth. 100% Genesis approved!

Where can I buy Prototype 8 by ATP Science?

You can get Prototype 8 by ATP Science direct from us at! For your convenience, you can grab yours now by clicking on the link below!

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