Pro-Nut Spread by International Protein - High Protein Peanut Butter!

International have a strong reputation as one of the market leaders when it comes to high quality products, and Pro-Nut is no exception to this! Made using Australian ingredients, Pro-Nut brings two things that many gym goers love together into one product. Pure WPI, and peanut butter! With its delicious taste, and smooth, grit-free texture, Pro-Nut is sure to please all the peanut butter loving gym goers out there!

What is Pro-Nut Spread by International Protein?

Pro-Nut is a high protein peanut butter spread, crafted to make sure that gym goers everywhere can enjoy their favourite snack, while still giving their muscles essential growth food! Made from the high quality oleic peanuts, which are grown right here in Australia, Pro-Nut is perfect for filling the cracks in your diet, giving you good fats and high protein!

How does Pro-Nut Work?

By utilising high oleic peanuts, Pro-Nut Spread has done several things. The quantity of monounsaturated fat, or good fat, is above that of olive oil, which means that the high fat content is still beneficial to you. It also provides a creamier texture, which make high oleic peanuts the go-to choice for any serious gym goer. Couple that with the WPI, which has been chosen to ensure quick digestion, and to promote muscle growth and repair, and you get an incredible snack product.

What are the Benefits of Taking Pro-Nut Spread by International Protein?

  • No added sugar
  • High in protein
  • Made using oleic peanuts
  • Smooth texture and delicious flavour
  • Made with WPI

Our Thoughts:

The team at Genesis love getting healthy snacks, and when that healthy snack tastes amazing, and is high in all the things we need for growth, that puts the icing on the cake! Pro-Nut is simply delicious, and when it comes time to write your diet, Pro-Nut is a surefire way of hitting your fat requirements while also boosting growth! With all-Australian ingredients, Pro-Nut is amazing on all fronts and is definitely, Genesis-approved!

Where can I buy Pro-Nut Spread by International Protein?

If getting your hands on some of this delicious peanut butter is on your to-do list, you’ve come to the right place! You can buy some just by clicking the link below!

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