Platinum Pre by Optimum Nutrition Product Review

Genesis Nutrition love Optimum Nutrition the Makers of the world’s Highest Selling Protein Gold Standard 100% Whey. Optimum Nutrition have now for the First time ever produced a Pre Workout Formula with Platinum Pre. This Clean, Effective and Highly Researched Pre Workout Formula is Set to take the Market by Storm and is already receiving Rave Reviews for its non “Buzz” Feeling and amazing Focus and Energy that also boosts and Supports Metabolism.

What is Platinum Pre by Optimum Nutrition?

Platinum Pre is Optimum Nutritions latest Pre-Workout formula to hit Genesis Nutrition! Just like ALL of their other products, including the famous Gold Standard 100% Whey, this formulation does not dissapoint. At first shake (or stir) you can see how easily it disolves leaving no nasty residue behind, this is reflective of the quality and filtration used in all of the Optimum Nutrition range - being a truly 'instantised' formula.

How does Platinum Pre work?

Platinum Pre keeps in tradition with Optimum’s Quality Products providing safe, effective ingredients with no hidden nasty additives or Compounds. Optimum Nutrition have taken gone back to the basics of Pre Workout Formulas with Platinum Pre and it will provide consumers with enough Energy and focus to get through the Even Most Intense Workout all while not “Blowing your Head Off” with over the top amounts of Caffeine( only 160mg per serve) or stimulants associated with many Other Formulas. A liberal Dose of beta-alanine is in the Formula perfect to keep the effects of Lactic Acid Buildup at bay while L-citrulline will further increase your Training performance.

Unconventionally Platinum Pre also contains a fruit extract, Phyto Blend and Capsicum Extract to not only Speed up metabolism but to also provide antioxidant support. Optimum Nutrition in Platinum Pre have created what can be described as a clean Formula. Genesis Nutrition like this refreshing approach in a Market Swamped with Products that are more concerned about Strength than Quality. Platinum Pre is available in three amazing Flavours that are all incredibly easy to Consume. You can choose from Fruit Punch, Raspberry Lemonade or Superfruit.

Optimum Nutrition have also given users of Platinum Pre the option of one or Two scoops Pre workout if you were after a more Intense Workout. If you do decide on the Two scoop option a Tub will only provide 15 Workouts.


What are the Benefits of Taking Platinum Pre Workout?

Platinum Pre has really been designed for Consumers who like a Clean Focus Driven Pre Workout without any Nasty Side Effects or Dreaded Crash. This is exactly how this Formula works as it provides enough Energy to Fuel any Workout while Ingredients in the Formula make sure you stay in an Anabolic State whilst making the most of each and every Rep. From the very first consumption users of Platinum Pre can expect their Workouts to be very Focus Driven whilst having a quality Energy Boost that is not over the top strong. Muscle Pumps will definitely be evident throughout the entirety of the Workout and vascularity is significantly increased also.

Best of all Consumers can rest assured that they have consumed clean safe Ingredients without no hidden additives or stimulants whilst supporting their metabolism and getting much needed anti-oxidant support. If you do decide to consume the 2 Scoops as previously mentioned you can expect a massive energy surge and Focus far beyond the usual 1 scoop dosing.


  • Increased Energy
  • Maximum Focus
  • Clean Safe Ingredients
  • Muscle Pumps
  • Increased Performance
  • Maximum Quality
  • Metabolism Support
  • No Nasty Crash
  • 4 Grams L-Citrulline
  • 3.6 grams Beta Alinine
  • High in Anti-Oxidants

Our Thoughts:

Optimum Nutrition’s Motto is “Quality Matters” .Platinum Pre certainly falls Under this Banner. Upon first consumption Genesis Nutrition Staff were blown away with the great taste of Platinum Pre and after about Ten minutes we felt a significant Energy Boost without feeling too Spacy. Upon commencement of our Workout Focus was greatly boosted and our recovery between sets improved from past workouts of a similar Nature.

Genesis Nutrition Staff did not encounter any Anxiety or Jitters while training and Post workout there was definitely no crash. In Platinum Pre Optimum Nutrition have produced a Good solid Pre Workout without being overly strong like such Products as APS Mesomorph Or BPM Labs “The One”. So if you really care what you have in your Pre Workout Formula and enjoy clean Energy and Focus this Product is for you! However if you prefer a higher Level of Stimulants you may consider another Product.

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