Platinum Labs Amino Grow Review Australia - AminoGrow Review

Australian company Platinum Labs are widely known for producing new and innovative products and this trend has continued with the introduction of Amino Grow to their supplement range. This BCAA formula has been a long time in the making with some twists on what is expected from a regular amino acid formula.

What is Platinum Labs Amino Grow?

Platinum Labs Amino Grow is a 2.1.1 Ratio BCAA Formula with a difference. During your intense training sessions is the time for ultimate nutrient uptake where your body is like a sponge. With this in mind the geniuses at Platinum Labs have added ingredients far and beyond what is considered normal in the BCAA formula market. Consumers will experience repair, endurance and unique workouts unlike any other before due to the formulation. You want to give your body the best chance of Growth? Amino Grow has to be added to your Stack!

How does Platinum Labs Amino Grow work?

Amino Grow contains the three major amino acids in a 2.1.1 ratio that make up 4 grams of the entire 11.5gram serving. L-Leucine and L-Valine- essential are amino acids that assist in maintaining muscle mass while L –Isoleucine is a BCAA that promotes tissue repair. That is however where Amino Grow finishes being like other regular Amino formulas. Amino Grow has a huge list of vitamins added to further boost recovery, Energy, immunity and ensure that consumers are not missing out on those micronutrients that so many people neglect. Further adding to the appeal of Amino Grow Tryptophan is included for insane focus, Theobromine to increase blood flow and nutrient absorption. The most exciting addition to Amino Grow is Picamilon. This ingredient is the compound made when both Niacin and GABA are combined and it allows the GABA to cross the blood/brain barrier in humans and when taken in doses equal to that of Amino Grow is shown to boost HGH levels 500%. There are a huge range of benefits associated with this HGH spike and users of Amino Grow can expect increased lean muscle, Increase Fat Burning potential, improved sleep and all of anti-aging benefits that are associated with HGH.

What are the benefits of taking Platinum Labs Amino Grow?

  • 2.1.1 Amino Ratio to preserve lean muscle stores
  • Added vitamin complex to boost recovery, energy and immunity.
  • Tryptophan to increase Focus
  • Theobromine to increase Blood Flow and increase nutrient uptake
  • Picamilon to boost HGH Levels by 500%
  • Zero Sugar, Carbohydrate and Fat


Our Thoughts:

Platinum Labs have done it again with Amino Grow. This product is set to absolutely revolutionize the amino market and what is expected in your regular amino blend. First of all it mixed perfectly and we are massive fans of the watermelon flavour. Taste wise it is up there with all of the best mixes on the market. We used the product for a week and it is fair to say recovery was greatly increased and we felt a sense of amazing wellbeing during our sessions. It was also brilliant to know we were boosting our immune system and uptake of nutrients to our muscles was at an all-time high due to the vitamin complex and Theobromine. If you are looking for the next big thing to take your physique to the next level Amino Grow is for you.


Mix 1 (one) serving of Amino Grow in about 400ml of water and consumer either during your workout. Additional serves may be consumed throughout the day to aid in muscle hydration. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers.

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