Josh Smith – Retail Manager


Josh is highly enthusiastic about the industry of health and fitness. Josh is available in store or via email to help with any questions regarding supplementation, nutrition and training. With over five years of managing nutrition stores and over ten years of training, he has plenty of informative advice to share. Please come in and see Josh for great friendly service in store, and for some great advice to help with whatever goals you are striving for.

1) Weight–it’s the one thing we all have in common. Some will feel they weigh too much, others not enough, and some feel the weight is in all the wrong places.  Well physics shows us that a stationary object requires energy to get it moving and then momentum can occur. It’s the same for us! Regardless of which direction you are hoping to shift scales, it’s all about shifting the weight and building momentum. For those of us hoping to increase our weight through muscle mass gains, the weight we need to move is foreign weight. It’s all about placing the right stimulus on our bodies through training to get the desired result. And that means hard training at high intensity, but we will discuss that later. It’s also important to remember that what we are weighing in at, may not be the best representation of the results we are achieving.

For those of us who desire to see smaller numbers when stepping onto the scales, the weight we need to move will predominantly be ourselves. Any and all movement requires calories to be burned, and our end goal is to be burning more calories than we are consuming. So whilst maintaining a healthy diet high in proteins and nutrients, if you can keep your body weight moving, you will be effectively using your body weight to lose weight.    


2) Breathe – It happens so automatically in our lives that not being conscious of our breathing, and timing it whilst training, is a common error even amongst more experiences gym goers. Firstly it is important to appreciate what each breathe does for us functionally. Everyone knows we need oxygen, but just as important is expelling the carbon monoxide from our bodies.

We also need to be conscious of what is happening on a physiological level when we hold our breath, breathe in or out. This is especially important for anyone moving big weight! As you breathe out, your core will naturally tighten, to push the air from our lungs, at the same time our core can become a much more stable base for those heavy movements, saving our spine! Release the core tension as we complete the movement and take in a new batch of oxygen so our lungs can get it delivered to supply working muscles.

It’s a technique that takes a little practice, but something that I cannot stress the importance of enough! And when you are moving some big weights, it’s time to get some support. A weight belt can help keep your core internally stable whilst breathing during your heavy lifts. The scheik belt is my favorite and is available in all sizes at Genesis Nutrition.   


3) Intensity – I am glad you have made it to the gym or to the park or beach or spin class, but change begins and ends with intensity. Intensity means doing something that you are not going to be comfortable with. But if it was comfort you wanted then you should have stayed on the couch. It is change that we seek and that means providing our bodies with a real reason to change. If you go to the gym and do what you body is already capable of doing, than what reason would your body change for? It is when we take our bodies past our comfort zone that it will seek to adapt the range of our comfort zone to accommodate. And that means intensity, every workout.  Try using one of our many pre-workout supplements at Genesis Nutrition to assist with boosting your intensity.


4) Motivation – it is what will keep you going when the body feels tired. Motivation is something that we have to define, to get us moving in the right direction, but we also have to continue to develop our motivation to keep moving! Do something you can enjoy, or enjoy the results of your efforts, because you won’t continue doing something you hate. There are many dietary deficiencies that can lead us to feeling flat, and a simple multivitamin can usually go a long way to helping with over-all wellbeing, and we have a great range at Genesis Nutrition tailored to suit different lifestyles. Also I have found ZMA to be of fantastic benefit, especially if you are not getting much red meat in your diet. It aids with getting a deep sleep, leading to better recovery and higher energy levels throughout your day.


5) Variation As I stated earlier, it is only through applied stimulus that our bodies will respond. But it is also important to vary the stimulus we are applying. The very nature of our bodies adapting to stimulus is what will cause a change but it will also mean we will adapt to familiar routine, which can hinder or even halt our progress. To overcome this we need to change things up continually. I will usually break my training down to 6-8 week periods with a few days rest in between. For example I may train with lighter weight range/ higher reps for a time and then change it up to heavy/short rep range after 6-8 weeks. Alternatively I may choose to use a predominantly dumbbell oriented routine for chest for 6-8 weeks before changing it up to being predominantly barbell orientated. The important thing is variation. Again it is all about giving our bodies a reason to adapt.