When it comes to exploring the supplement market, it is easy to get bewildered by the variety of products available, all claiming to be the best for you. The Reality is that everyone is different so not all proteins are going to suit everybody, instead it is important to get the right advice and select a protein supplement that meets your desired requirements.  SEE OUR PROTEIN POWDERS EXPLAINED ARTICLE FOR THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF AVAILABLE PROTEINS.

Just as important as getting the right type of protein is, it is also vital to choose a supplement that is produced using quality ingredients. Not all proteins are the same and depending on your specific goals, making a poor choice can lead to discouraging results. Value for money is typically of foremost importance for our customers, which is why Genesis Nutrition Australia seeks to provide only the best supplements available to those that are seeking to get real value, and real results.

Milk protein is by far the most common and popular protein source chosen by protein powder manufacturers. Milk protein is the first choice due to its high bio-availability, that is, how easily we can break it down and make use of the proteins. Whey protein is the second most abundant protein derived from milk (casein is the most abundant milk protein. Whey contains all of the essential amino acids and is particularly high in the branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) and glutamine (an immune-boosting amino acid). Whey is considered a "fast-acting" protein.

When it comes to quality of proteins it is important to look at the protein source to ensure you are getting a protein that will fulfill your needs. Proteins are often presented in “blends” – a number of protein types are mixed and this is where the quality can greatly differ. Lower quality blends will often make use of cheaper protein sources to fill out the blend with only a token quantity of high quality protein making it into the mix.  Reputable manufacturers make use of quality assured ingredients, clearly stating the blend make up (some will go so far as to give percentage of each protein type) and avoid using “fillers”.  

Obviously the food type (animal or plant) of protein used is of utmost importance as well. The physiological impact of whey concentrate and whey isolate is far more beneficial to humans than other protein sources.  While protein supplements made with soy, casein, or egg may be cheaper, research has clearly demonstrated that you need to take in more of them to achieve the same physiological benefits.  You might think using a greater quantity of these inferior quality supplements is okay but if your body doesn’t use them for muscle growth, repair, recovery or energy, you are going to end up wearing the extra calories as fat. Not to mention your hard earned cash will end up in the toilet.

Another important part of quality  protein is how it is processed.  Poor processing (by heat and pH changes) will cause whey protein fractions to be denatured and less bioactive. Special filtering also helps to remove sugar, lactose, and sodium, resulting in a product which is more healthy and easily digested.|

So when deciding your next protein purchase, keep these points in mind and make sure you are getting what you pay for.