Mental Trigger by Redcon1 – Mental Focus Formula!

We know what it can be like to be under pressure and need to perform at your best, and that is why Redcon1 has developed Mental Trigger. Designed to help you switch on your mind and stay focused even in the most intense of situations, this advanced formula will give you the mental alertness and cognitive function you’re looking for!

What is Mental Trigger by Redcon1?

Proudly stocked by, Redcon1’s advanced nootropics formula in Mental Trigger gives you the competitive edge you need to get through any high-pressure situations that require extreme mental focus. Always high quality in the delivery of their supplements, Redcon1’s Mental Trigger is no exception, helping you to unlock brain focus, attentiveness and creativity when you need it most.

How does Mental Focus Work?

With a highly advanced nootropic formula, Mental Trigger by Redcon1 has been designed to switch your brain on to full capacity, allowing you new levels of mental function and clarity. Mental Trigger contains cutting edge chemical compounds that help to give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for, and can help boost confidence. Whether getting focused for the most intense workout ever, cramming for a big test, preparing for a job interview, or reaching next to impossible deadlines, Mental Trigger has your back when it counts the most.

What are the Benefits of Taking Mental Focus by Redcon1?

  • Enhances focus and clarity
  • Increases attentiveness
  • Assists mental function and alertness
  • Can assist in workout intensity
  • Supports confidence

Our Thoughts:

At we appreciate the value of a product that can help us switch on mentally, to tap into that focus we know we need to operate at 100%. Redcon1’s Mental Trigger is perfect for doing just that, helping us to stay focused in even the most intense of situations! Because of this, Mental Trigger has certainly earnt itself the Genesis tick of approval!

Where can I buy Mental Focus by Redcon1?

You can get Mental Focus by Redcon1 direct from us at! Check out our range of Redcon1 products by clicking on the links below!


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