Intravenous by XCD Nutrition - Pre/Intra Workout!

When a supplement can be used as a pre-workout or an intra-workout, you know you’ve got something special! Thanks to the team at XCD Nutrition we've now got the best of both worlds. Intravenous by XCD Nutrition uses a tried and tested ratio of BCAA’s to promote recovery - formulated with extra ingredients to deliver skin splitting pump, muscle preservation, and help your hydration after the even the most gruelling of workouts. Intravenous by XCD Nutrition is definitely not a product to miss!

What is Intravenous by XCD Nutrition?

As a pre-workout, Intravenous is designed to enhance your pumps, leading to your muscles growing and getting stronger. As an intra-workout, Intravenous is designed to deliver BCAA’s right when they’re needed during your workout, to ensure optimal recovery and growth from your hard work. As a versatile product that can offer both, XCD Nutrition have ensured that Intravenous will deliver the best possible results and take your training to the next level!

How does Intravenous Work?

By using a well thought out yet simple blend of ingredients, Intravenous by XCD Nutrition is something that is made to deliver the right nutrients, time after time. Utilising the many benefits of coconut water extract, Intravenous homes in on it’s ability to promote hydration throughout your workout. Combining this blend with Agmatine sulfate for huge pumps and BCAA’s for muscle recovery means you’re getting the holy grail of workout enhancing formulas.

What are the Benefits of Taking Intravenous by XCD Nutrition?

  • Promotes recovery
  • Improves hydration
  • Pump enhancer
  • Scientifically backed ingredients
  • Tried and tested dosage ratio

Our Thoughts:

By Combining a potent non stim pre-workout with a BCAA formula, XCD have created one of the most versatile products on the market. The ability to be used as a pre workout to deliver huge muscle pumps, then continue to be drunk during training to increase muscle revocery and endurance, gives you a product that the team at just can’t get enough of! Intravenous by XCD Nutrition is an amazing product and it has truly earned our seal of approval!

Where can I buy Intravenous by XCD Nutrition?

If you need a great way to get more out of your training, then what are you waiting for? You can buy yours today, just by clicking on the link below!!

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