Extreme Carbs by International Protein - Carbohydrate Recovery Formula!

Made in Australia, International Protein is known around the world for their attention to detail and stringent quality standards. Producing some of the highest quality whey protein and muscle building formulas on the market, today the team at Genesis is looking at their carbohydrate blend - Extreme Carbs!

What is Extreme Carbs by International Protein?

Extreme Cabs by International Protein is a an excellent energy and glycogen recovery formula. This product contains high, medium and low GI carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy release. It has been specifically developed to increase post-workout glycogen synthesis, improve muscle recovery and provide energy rich carbohydrates. During the post-workout period your body is much more sensitive to insulin which is controlled by carbohydrate intake. This is where Extreme Carbs becomes invaluable due to its high, medium and low GI glycemic index, providing the much needed energy and glycogen replenishment needed after an intense workout. It also includes Promilin, an ingredient shown to promote insulin release which assists in the transport of glucose to muscle cells for energy. The team at Genesis Nutrition highly recommend this product.

How does Extreme Carbs Work?

Each 80g serving of Extreme Carbs weighs in at 313 calories, of which 0.11g is protein, 0.07g is fat and 76.1g are carbohydrates (as you would expect). 16.8g of carbohydrates are sugars. Extreme Carbs is ideal for consumption post-workout, when your body is in need of glycogen. 

What are the Benefits of Taking Extreme Carbs by International Protein?


  • High, medium and low GI carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy
  • Promotes glycogen replenishment, muscular endurance and reduced muscle breakdown
  • Can be used by anyone participating in intense exercise
  • Great results when used in conjunction with a mass gaining training/nutrition plan as a source of extra calories.

Our Thoughts:

At Genesis Nutrition we believe that Extreme Carbs is a very versatile product that can be used by a range of athletes. It is great for those who participate in endurance and power-based exercise looking for extra energy, those who participate in vigorous exercise to enhance recovery or those looking to gain muscle mass through the introduction of extra calories. With its natural flavor it can me mixed with other products such as International Protein Amino Charged WPI to further promote recovery.


Where can I buy Extreme Carbs by International Protein?

Here at we stock the entire International Protein range of products. Below we have included a list of items that include Extreme Carbs and an assortment of other International Protein items available for purchase with us online.


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