What are the benefits of taking ICE WHEY?

ICE WHEY - Timing and Dosage

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What is ICE WHEY?

 Horleys ICE WHEY is one of the leanest and purest whey protein isolates on the market right now. ICE delivers the benefits of rapid peptide delivery with Hydrolyzed WPI, helping you to create the optimum anabolic environment for maximum muscle gain. ICE WHEY has the highest levels of naturally occurring branch chain amino acids, utilizing highly specialized cold-pressed Cation exchange Whey Protein Isolate, made in New Zealand.

Not all Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is created equal. There are several different types processes employed by dairy manufacturers to produce WPI.  In all cases, ultra-filtration processes are first used to manufacture whey protein concentrates (WPC's). Once dried, WPC powders can contain up to 80% protein, but typically still contain 5-7% fat and similar quantities of lactose. Further processing is required to produce whey protein isolates with over 90% protein content and little or no lactose and fat.

The commonly used commercial processes are:

  • Cation Exchange
  • Anion Exchange
  • Microfiltration
  • Ion Exchange

In ion-exchange processes the overall electrical charge on the whey proteins is manipulated by adjusting the pH of liquid whey protein concentrate. The pH manipulation does not charge lactose, fat and other unwanted substances present in the whey. The charged whey is passed through ion exchange columns of the opposite charge, which bind the whey proteins, but not uncharged lactose and fat etc. These are washed away leaving a very pure whey protein product that is virtually fat and lactose free.

Subsequent pH adjustment reverses the charge on the protein and releases it from the ion exchange columns. It can then be evaporated and dried to produce a high quality powder containing over 90% protein.

  • Over 7g of glutamine (including precursors) per serve for enhanced catabolic protection
  • Bboosted with hydrolyzed isolate fractions for ultra-rapid absorption.
  • Virtually zero lactose, carbs and zero fat


What are the benefits of taking ICE WHEY?

The greatest advantage when using a high quality, finely filtered WPI is the increased bio-availability. By supplementing pre and post workout with the fastest absorbing Whey protein Isolate, you can achieve greater recovery and improved muscle building capabilities. Horleys ICE WHEY is also extremely lean, allowing for muscle growth and recovery without unwanted fat deposits, making it ideal for those on a restrictive diet or those conscious of calories. The ultra-filtration also provides a WPI with little to no lactose, making it ideal for anyone with intolerances. Free form glutamine is also added to ensure maximum return on your training investment.

ICE WHEY– Timing and Dosage:

You can use ICE Whey 60 minutes prior to a training session (made in water) to deliver circulating amino acids to working muscle.  If you only want to use one serving per day, then the best time is to consume one serving immediately after your workout (within 30 minutes and preferably in milk, a low acid fruit juice or sports drink) to flood recovery pathways and ignite muscle repair and growth. To fully saturate muscles with the necessary nitrogen needed for tissue synthesis, ensure that you are consuming small, regular quantities of protein from a variety of plant and animal sources (up to a maximum of 2g of protein per kg of body weight per day).

ICE Whey is ideal for specialist strength and power athletes and those with intensive training and competition schedules who need fast recovery

Highly suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance

ICE Whey is available in Swiss Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla & Strawberry Frost and in three sizes: 800g (22 servings); 1.3kg (36 servings); 3kg (83 servings).

Our thoughts:

As far as a lean, high quality, trusted WPI is concerned, it is hard to pass up on Horleys ICE WHEY. Horleys have earned a reputation for quality and never fail to deliver. Horleys ICE WHEY is a favorite at Genesis Nutrition Australia, we recommend only quality products that we know we can trust to deliver the results to our customers. We have tried ICE WHEY and the results are there to back up their claims. It would be a great choice for anyone dieting or building quality lean muscle.


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