What is Gemma Rose Fitness?

Genesis Nutrition created Gemma Rose Fitness to provide the ultimate group training environment for women. Based around six incredible training sessions participants will never grow tired of constantly doing the same routine all while challenging themselves at every session.

It is widely known that variety in training will keep the human body constantly guessing resulting in greater gains and goals reached faster than many ever imagined. Gemma Rose Fitness was designed under this premise with all major aspects of training covered to ensure participants have complete assurance that they are doing everything possible to achieve their own personal goals.

A mixture of both Weight and Cardio sessions are the base of the program as well as a refresh session to keep participants supple, stretched and relaxed after the demands of the other training sessions.

Gemma Rose Fitness is definitely “No walk in the Park”. It is very challenging and will test you both mentally and physically. So how do you ensure you are best prepared for these challenges as well as fully maximizing the training to get your best body ever?



Before you start:

Your about to go on a fitness journey. Remember this is for you, take away all social and peer pressure and know the best reason to become healthier is to be happier in your own skin.

Preparation is critical before you embark on your Gemma Rose Fitness journey and aim for maximum results. Discuss your goals with Gemma Rose and set attainable targets thus to make sure you do not set yourself up for failure. Upon signup Genesis Nutrition provides a startup pack which provides participants essentials such as gloves and yoga mats.

Take the time to devise a new eating plan structured around your training schedule. Lean Protein sources such as Chicken, beef, fish as well as complex carbohydrates like sweet potato and brown rice accompanied with green vegetables should form the nucleus of your diet. Genesis Nutrition also encourage the use of a high quality Whey Protein Isolate such as International Protein WPI. As the saying goes “Eat clean to get Lean”.

The purchase of new training gear can really boost your motivation and make you feel fresh in starting your new fitness journey. Most major sports companies produce breathable sweat reducing clothing, Gemma Rose Fitness is intense so sweat is guaranteed. Also invest in some quality cross training shoes that provide both support and cushioning and will not come loose or slip off whilst training.

Maximize your gains:

To take full advantage of the Gemma Rose Fitness experience there are a few major aspects of your life you will need to be in control of. As previously mentioned diet will play a major role in results, however if you are not totally keen on cooking check out Genesis Meals as your diet could be perfectly catered for without the guesswork. Sleep will also play a major role as being fully energized for each session will have you training to your maximum potential, anywhere from 8-10 hours is ideal.

Supplements will assist you in reaching your goals faster. Whey Protein Isolate along with Branch Chain Amino Acids are absolute essentials. There are also a multitude of fat reducing, Energy enhancing and recovery products available from Genesis Nutrition which will have you smashing personal bests and reaching goals quicker than you would have ever imagined. Genesis Nutrition provide expert advice on all things nutrition and diet and because they are associated with the fitness program participants can be assured that they are getting the supplements that are right for their individual needs.


To be assured of maximum results give 100% at each and every session. As they say “You only get out what you put in”. Nothing could be truer than in the Gemma Rose Fitness program.

If you eat clean, train hard, rest well and fuel your body correctly results are guaranteed. Gemma Rose Fitness is an amazing program with so many positive results attained from participants, not just physically but mentally.

The mixture of training sessions in the program are challenging but that’s what makes it exciting. Enter with a positive attitude and you will be amazed at what can be achieved.

Happy Training!

How do I get started with Gemma Rose Fitness?

Simply click here and follow the prompts to purchase your start up pack, or come in-store and sign up at our Labrador Store:

Genesis Nutrition
Corner Turpin and Brisbane Roads,
Labrador QLD 4215.

Which products does Gemma personally reccomend for her clients?

Below are just a few of the amazing products stocked by Genesis Nutrition that are ideal for Girls looking to tone, tighten and shape their bodies! 

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