GAT PMP - Pump Accelerating Pre-Workout!

From the company who brought you Nitraflex – one of the most well received pre-workouts to ever hit the market – comes their latest and greatest, heavy hitting stim formula. PMP, or Peak Muscle Performance by GAT is a Genesis approved pre-training supplement which will enhance your pumps, increase your focus and summon extreme energy from within.


What is PMP by GAT?

GAT PMP is a creatine-free pre workout formula which has been designed to assist you with laser focus, massive pumps, extreme performance and giant muscles. It’s a unique blend based on Nitraflex, however its multi-stage release is what makes it a whole new level of extreme.


How does PMP by GAT Work?

PMP by GAT activates in “waves” after consumption. Wave 1 will have you feeling energised and focused, shuttling essential nutrients to your muscles. Wave 2 kicks in to intensify your mind-muscle connection with razor sharp focus. Wave 3 increased your nitric oxide levels and pump, delivering skin tearing vascularity and superior blood flow.

GAT PMP uses a combination of beta alanine, L-Arginine Malate, L-Citrulline, L-Citrulline Malate, L-Norvaline and much more to boost nitric oxide levels. Although GAT PMP has proprietary elements, we can still see that we’re getting 3.125g of NO Enhancers, 900mg of Pump Accelerators, 700mg of Focus & Cognition compounds and 525mg of “PMP Energetics” (ALCAR HCI and Caffeine Anhydrous).  


What are the benefits of taking PMP?


  • Thermogenic drivers

  • Intense performance gains

  • Muscle energy

  • Laser focus

  • Vascular muscle pumps

  • Creatine free


Our Thoughts:

Here at Genesis, we’ve seen and used a lot of pre-workout formulas claiming to be the “most extreme” or the “most adaptive”; it’s a market with a lot of competition, and few really stand out from the crowd. Nitraflex by GAT was a winner in every sense of the word; an innovative pre-workout formula which combined the best of clean energy with test-boosting compounds. So, does its high-energy cousin, GAT PM, live up to the GAT name? Yes.


Where can I buy PMP by GAT?

Here at we stock the entire GAT range of products. Below we have included a list of items that include PMP and an assortment of other GAT items available for purchase with us online.


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