Nitraflex by GAT - Test Boosting Pre-Workout!

Now at Genesis, GAT has delivered another innovative formula, knowing ultimate results from every workout is the secret to maximum growth of lean muscle mass. Complementing the familiar pump-inducing ingredients with compounds to support and boost natural testosterone production, Nitraflex will keep you anabolic throughout your workout and far beyond.


What is Nitraflex by GAT?

Nitraflex equals results. A claim that has been clinically tested in a double blind study with remarkable findings. Nitraflex was found to boost strength, stamina and testosterone levels after only 2 weeks. These results can be partly attributed to an average increase of 13.4% in blood testosterone levels, and you should know that more testosterone means more muscle growth and more fat burning. 


How does Nitraflex by GAT Work?

Nitraflex contains a proprietary blend which includes a Vasoactive Arginase-Regulating NO Precursor Complex, an Acute Energy, Focus, Intensity, Neuromodulating, Endurance Complex and a Clinically-Studided Testosterone Enhancing Complex (patented). These blends total 7365mg of pure, raw pre-workout power and high stimulants. While the blend is proprietary, we do know that each scoop contains 325g of caffeine, which is higher than your average PWO formula.


What are the benefits of taking Nitraflex?


  • Clinically backed, results based formula

  • Increased Endurance

  • Easy Mixability

  • Focus, drive, strength

  • A host of functional ingredients to facilitate high intensity workouts

  • Contains CFB (calcium fructopyranose borate) showing testosterone increase in a little as 3 hours


Our Thoughts:

There can be plenty of directions manufacturers choose to go when formulating a new pre-workout, but few forge a new path. GAT does just that with the new Nitraflex. All too often the claims of exponential growth or insane pumps leave consumers underwhelmed. Nitraflex, when used as directed by athletes looking for strength and improved intensity, hits the high standards as promised .The use of CFB (calcium fructopyranose borate) will be new to many but just watch the market for a new trend is on the horizon for test boosters! Having such a top quality pre-workout formulation with the added long term benefits of increased testosterone production is very rare; a win for GAT – Nitraflex is Genesis approved! 


Where can I buy Nitraflex by GAT?

Here at we stock the entire GAT range of products. Below we have included a list of items that include Nitraflex and an assortment of other GAT items available for purchase with us online.


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