OxyWhey by EHP Labs - Lean Whey Protein!

Since being founded in 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah EHP Labs has grown rapidly to become an international sensation. They first received worldwide praise for their product Oxyshred which is known as one of the most successful supplements to hit the market. Recognised globally as a trusted premium nutrition brand, EHP labs regard themselves a family and have adopted the core values of honesty, positivity, transparency and never ending improvement.


What is Beyond BCAA by EHP Labs?

OxyWhey is a lean protein formula designed to increase metabolic rate and aid in Fat Loss while being Gluten Free and a low 100 Calories per serve. This Lean Protein Formula contains many added ingredients including mct oils, glutamine, taurine, tyrosine, green tea extract, chromium picolinate and grapefruit seed extract whilst also containing a patented digestive enzyme called ProHydrolase. When ProHydrolase is combined with whey protein, it increases the rate of protein breakdown therefore improving OxyWhey’s protein uptake and usability. Adding to the appeal of OxyWhey is the addition of 5.3grams of essential BCAAs, making it great for recovery and optimal muscle retention.


How does Beyond BCAA Work?

Each serve of OxyWhey contains 110 calories, of which 24g are from protein, 2g from carbohydrates and 1g from fat. EHP Labs Oxywhey boasts an impressive amino acid profile which includes essential amino acids, non-essential aminos and BCAAs (2.5g Leucine; 1.4g Isoleucine; 1.35g Valine). This is a 100% whey protein product which helps to boost your metabolism, increase your immunity and repair muscle. OxyWhey included advanced digestive enzymes and a multi phase protein peptide delivery system to aid in digestion and absorption of proteins, making this product an excellent choice for post-workout nutrition.


What are the benefits of taking Beyond BCAA?


  • Metabolic Boosting 

  • Digestive Enzymes for better Protein Breakdown

  • 5.3 grams BCAA’S

  • Added MCT Oils for Fat Loss

  • Low Carbohydrate

  • Low Fat


Our Thoughts:

The team at Genesis love EHP Labs OxyWhey protein. From the moment we opened the container and smelt the amazing flavour and then mixed the product, we could tell this formula was on a whole new level, and the taste far exceeded our expectations to boot. It also kept us sustained hours beyond consumption, with a thermo effect immediately after and all the way to our next meal. This seriously is the perfect protein for anyone looking to shed a few kilos or lean right down. This is 100% Genesis approved.


Where can I buy EHP Labs Beyond BCAA?

Here at we stock the entire EHP Labs range of products. Below we have included a list of items that include OxyWhey and an assortment of other EHP Labs items available for purchase with us online.


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