DAA by Primaforce - Testosterone Booster!

Tested potency that increases your testosterone! DAA, or D-Aspartic Acid, is a powerful form of amino acid, that works in your system to increase everything that you want boosted as a man, increasing your testosterone, growth hormone, and even acting on the follicle-stimulating hormone! This is an easy, effective way for men everywhere to get more from whatever it is they do, be it lifting weights, or simply daily life!

What is DAA by Primaforce?

DAA is a form of testosterone booster, and is simple, yet effective. Increasing the amounts of numerous growth enhancing agents in your body, DAA is perfect for upping your strength, power, mood, and even increases testosterone levels in infertile men! With the boost to libido that is part and parcel of DAA, why wouldn’t you be taking it? Primaforce have made DAA so you can feel more like a man, man, no matter what that means to you!

How does DAA Work?

DAA provides a noticeable increase in testosterone levels, however once you stop taking it, your testosterone levels will only remain elevated for roughly a week, sometimes a week and a half. It has been proven to be safe for long term consumption, so to get the most benefit from it, it is best to take for a decent period of time, to ensure your body benefits from this increase in your hormone levels.

What are the Benefits of Taking DAA by Primaforce?

  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Enhance libido
  • Boost muscle growth
  • Improve recovery
  • Trigger release of growth hormone

Our Thoughts:

The team at Genesis love seeing results from the supplements we take, and DAA from Primaforce gives us that, with a libido and mood boost being quite quick to show itself! The increase in growth hormones that aids in our performance is a welcome one, and we are confident that you will love the power that DAA has! If you want to get more from life, DAA is here, and ready! Definitely, Genesis-approved!

Where can I buy DAA by Primaforce?

If you want the benefits of DAA, you’re in luck, because you can buy some today! All you have to do is click on the link below!

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