What Is Cellucor M5 Extreme 2-in1?

In a market that is already swelling with Pre workout options, it would be hard to imagine something truly new and unique arriving on shelves. Cellucor, however seem to have taken the initiative with their newest product, M5 Extreme, Ignite + Build. The team at Genesis Nutrition love the concept here, with M5 delivering, for the first time ever, a product that allows the user to customize the stimulant levels to their liking. The package splits into two containers, one being a highly effective blend of intensity stimulating ingredients, the other being a high quality arrangement of effective and functional growth inducing formula. M5 Extreme is comprised of 2 separate formulas, Build and Ignite, allowing you to customize your preworkout experience—each and every workout.

The patented split canister allows users, for the first time, to use more or less of the stimulant component without having to sacrifice the desirable functional aspects. M5 Extreme’s Ignite Formula is the most advanced energy and focus formula on the market. Ignite consists of premium ingredients such as Beta Alanine, Xanthinol Nicotinate, and L-Dopa. This formula delivers more drive, more adrenaline ever imagined possible from a supplement—giving you the power to ignite your mind, muscles, and training regimen, workout after workout after workout.

M5 Extreme’s Build is contained in the bottom half of the patented split canister. Build powered by NO3 technology and unmatched ingredients such as Creatine MagnaPower®, Leucine, Arginine, Citrulline, and Betaine to deliver unparalleled instantaneous size and strength gains. NO3 is Nitrate, an advanced compound that delivers unbelievable muscle pumps and amplifies the effectiveness of every ingredient in M5 Extreme. Cellucor is utilizing Creatine Nitrate, NO3 fused with Creatine; according to a UCLA study, Creatine Nitrate is 1000% more water soluble than Creatine Monohydrate or other Creatine derivatives: unmatched water solubility ensures better absorption and absolutely none of the traditional side effects of Creatine supplementation.

In other words, M5 has your next workout covered for intensity, focus and growth.


What are the benefits of taking M5 EXTREME?

M5 Extreme is the first of its kind, with a unique ability to customize the ratio of Ignition to Build. The team at Genesis Nutrition are firm believers in clinically backed products from safe and reliable companies. We are also firm believers in getting results. If you are willing to do the work, you deserve to get the rewards.

So what can you expect from M5 extreme? There is an old saying that you only get out, what you put in, and it holds very true in regards to pre workout formulas. The functionality and therefore the value of any pre workout can always be found in the ingredients panel. Creatine nitrate is the most bio-available form of creatine, with immediate results in strength and endurance. Beta Alanine is a lactic acid buffer, allowing you to train longer and harder before the build-up of lactic acid. Caffiene and B12 boost your workouts, stimulating mental focus and energy. Arginine is a vaso-dialator, allowing greater oxygen and nutrient transportation through increased blood flow during workouts. 

  • Help to boost your energy and focus during intense workouts
  • Maintain explosive strength through workouts
  • Helps to delay fatigue
  • Contains multiple active ingredients for long term strength gains
  • Serious new mass gains

M5 Extreme: Timing and Dosage

The team at Genesis Nutrition recommend following the dosage guidelines given by Cellucor. Most people will find out quickly what works best for them by experimenting times and serving sizes. M5’s 2 in 1 container allows you to customize your workout. We recommend starting with a scoop of ignite mixed with a scoop of build. If you are accustomed to stimulants and desire a more intense workout, try two scoops of ignite with one scoop of build. Don’t forget to always listen to your body and drink plenty of water.

  • One serving per day - Approximately 30 minutes prior to your workout.

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