Carbs after training-Spiking Insulin for results

Did you know eating high GI carbs benefits you after intense strength exercise by replacing muscle glycogen and spiking insulin to switch the body back to an anabolic state. When we train hard our Glycogen stores are depleted and it is imperative they are restored to best increase our chance of muscle growth. But its sugars I hear you say? Aren’t they all bad?

Yes generally they are. Except after training.

Ordinarily, when muscle cells are full of glycogen, glucose from carbs get shuttled to fat cells when you have an insulin spike. However, after strength exercises, the muscles are depleted of glycogen, and the insulin spike will pump the glucose into the muscle cells instead (to be converted to glycogen), and not the fat cells. So there’s no need to worry about gaining that dreaded belly fat when the timing is right.

So what is the best source to spike your Insulin?

Glucose is a high GI carbohydrate which helps to initiate muscle glycogen replacement and assists in taking full advantage of the body’s recovery systems.

Waxy Maize is another excellent source of post workout carbs. Waxy Maize is a complex carbohydrate sourced from corn. Performing the same way as the glucose it delivers your muscles the glycogen it needs fast.

Genesis nutrition know the importance of refueling your body so we stock the top Post Workout carb sources for you in store. International Protein’s Extreme Carbs and Inner Armour’s Waxy Maize are big in store favorites.

At Genesis Nutrition we aim to get you back in the gym faster and training harder. To view these great products as well as many more like them please visit our website.

What is the best time to take fast acting Carbs?

You may have heard of “The window of opportunity”. This being a period of time that the body will require both glycogen and protein to re stock Glycogen levels and best repair torn down muscle fibers. For optimum results a period of no longer than 45 minutes after training is advised. Giving your body this much needed replenishment will ensure you fully maximize your gains and take full advantage of the hard work you have been putting in.

How much should I consume?

To give you the replenishment that you will individually need we suggest 0.5 grams per kg of bodyweight of both your carbohydrate and protein source. So for example a 100kg man should take both 50 grams of Protein and Carbs post workout.  This should be an ideal amount to replace that glycogen your body so dearly needs.

We suggest a Whey protein Isolate to be mixed with your preferred carb source for optimum results as it is very quickly absorbed by the body. Genesis Nutrition stocks all the major protein brands and can best advise you as to which one best suits your individual needs.

At Genesis nutrition we aim to get you back in the gym faster and training harder. To view these great products and many more like them please visit our website.

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