Proto Whey by BNRG - Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

BNRG is a US-based company who have been producing delicious proteins for years. Their crowning achievement, Proto Whey, is an incredibly high quality protein blend which will assist you in building lean muscle! In a range of delicious flavours, this is one of our best selling products here at Genesis.



What is Proto Whey by BNRG?

Proto Whey by BNRG is a clinically dosed intra-workout product containing a combination of active ingredients, including a BCAA matrix designed to promote muscle repair and stimulate growth, Beta Alanine to increase power output, L-Glutamine to prevent catabolism/muscle breakdown and L-Citrulline, a powerful vasodilator which increases blood flow and nutrient delivery to help speed up recovery. Available at Genesis Nutrition, the combination of these compounds results in greater muscular endurance, increased strength and improved muscle recovery.


How does Proto Whey work?

This unique formula utilizes Micro Peptide technology to deliver protein primarily as di and tripeptides, optimizing delivery to your bloodstream, which means more pure protein to build muscle faster, train harder, work out longer and recover more quickly. Proto Whey is naturally low in carbohydrates, fat and total calories.  It contains over 55% di and tripeptides, and an average molecular weight (amu) around 1,000 daltons, which allows for more rapid and complete absorption.  The proprietary SoftPsil fiber and generous portion of MCTs in Protowhey further ensures its best in class absorption and its role in enhancing stomach health and efficiency. 


What are the benefits of taking Proto Whey?


  • Build Lean Muscle

  • Recovery

  • Contains 5.7g of BCAA’s

  • Rapid and Complete Absorption Technology

  • Low Carbohydrate


Our thoughts:

The team at absolutely love BNRG Proto Whey. It comes in a range of gourmet flavours, and unlike other protein products which are thick, gluggy and produce a bloated and heavy feeling in the stomach, Proto Whey is a light, rich tasting protein drink that is perfect for fussy tasters. Add 2 (two) scoops of BNRG Proto Whey to 3/4 cup of water and stir. There is no need for blending as it’s very easy to mix.


Where can I buy Proto Whey?

Here at we stock the entire BNRG range of products. Below we have included a list of items that include Proto Whey and an assortment of other BNRG items available for purchase with us online.



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