Betancourt D-Stunner Pre Workout Review:

 The Pre Workout market is saturated with products that don’t deliver on promises and leave consumers disappointed all the while wondering “Is there a Game Changer?”

Well now there is.

D-Stunner from Betancourt Nutrition is an absolute revelation in the Pre Workout sector and were proud to be stocking this amazing Formula at Genesis Nutrition.

What is D-Stunner?

D Stunner is a unique Pre Workout formula which combines patented formulas PEA and RV-PEA to give users a sustained energy experience without the crash. REV-PEA™ is an advanced blend of energy and focus enhancing properties which promote the release of both epinephrine and norepinephrine.

D-Stunner also features N-Methyltyramine which assists in preventing the breakdown of supplemented PEA. To further increase performance D-Stunner promotes improvements in muscular endurance and nitric oxide levels during exercise.

In a revolutionary way D-Stunner features a combination of 3,7-dimethylpurine-2,6-dione and N-Methyltyramine HCl which will assist users in increasing their breathing capacity during their workout hence increasing stamina levels. This oxygenator is unique to D-Stunner and will provide an experience unlike any from other Formulas.


What are the benefits of taking D-Stunner?

For any individual wanting to take their training experience to the next level D-Stunner is the product for you. With a very unique blend of active ingredients that actually back up all they are claimed to be D-Stunner will not disappoint on any level. The revolutionary oxygenator to assist you to breathe better whilst training is an absolute standout in this amazing Pre Workout.

Users can expect to following benefits from D-Stunner

  • No nasty crash Post Workout. Clean Energy
  • Stimulate central nervous system activity for insane focus
  • Oxygen Potentiator for increased energy and endurance
  • Strength and power gains
  • Nitric Oxide production for Insane muscle pumps

Our Thoughts:

Genesis Nutrition are huge fans of D-Stunner. The oxygenator to increase breathing potential is an absolute standout in this product and it leads the pack in the Pre Workout market. Anyone looking to fully maximize potential gains should add D-Stunner to their supplement stack. This product does not disappoint like so many other Pre Workouts and will have users blown away from its effectiveness. 

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