Animal Cuts by Universal Nutrition

Since the early 1980s, Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition has been a staple supplement for anyone serious about their training. Known for their intense dedication to innovative supplements, Universal’s Animal range continues their hard-core legacy with Animal Cuts – one hell of a thermogenic fat shredder.

What is Animal Cuts?

When it comes to getting shredded, few other brands know more on the subject than Universal. Like your grandpa's barber, Animal Cuts is an old-school product. Used by some of the greatest competitors of the golden age of bodybuilding, Universal Nutrition have given us a recipe to cut and a license to shred. This is a Genesis approved product, and one of the greatest thermogenic fat burners on the market, loaded with a serious formula that comes in an easy to consume pack.


How does Animal Cuts Work?

Animal Cuts is a thermogenic capsule sachet which uses a combination of high quality ingredients to increase bodily thermogenesis and assist with fat loss. Inside each pack, you’ll see a Thermogenic complex (750mg) made up of caffeine anhydrous, kola nut, yerba mate, raspberry ketones, coleus forskohli and evodiamine; a Metabolic complex (750mg) consisting of green tea extract, oolong tea extract, black tea extract, coffee bean extract and white tea extract; a Thyroid complex (350mg) containing l-tyrosine, olive leaf extract and salvia officinalis; an 800mg Diuretic complex, 500mg Nootropic complex for mental support and function, a 300mg cortisol inhibiting matrix, a 300mg CCK inhibiting complex and a 500mg bioavailability complex.


What are the benefits of taking Animal Cuts?


  • Concentrated Thermogenic Metabolic Enhancement Formula

  • Easy to Use "Pack" Application

  • Green Tea Extract

  • Ashwagandha Extract

  • Appetite Control and Mood Support


Our Thoughts:

The team at Genesis are huge fans of the entire Animal range, and Animal Cuts is no exception. We found that Animal Cuts worked well as an appetite suppressant, helped reduce and resist cravings and of course, increased our body's thermogenic effect so that we were burning calories throughout the day. If you're looking for a tried and tested thermogenic fat burner, perfect for getting shredded or toning up for the summer, then this is your golden ticket.


Where can I buy Animal Cuts by Universal Nutrition?

Here at we stock the entire Animal range of products. Below we have included a list of items that include Animal Cuts and an assortment of other Universal Nutrition items available for purchase with us online.


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