AMP-V by ATP Science – Liquid Fat Burner!

If you’re after a fast-acting fat burner with proven effects, then ATP Science’s patent-pending, innovative, new liquid fat burner, AMP-V is exactly what you want to get your hands on. Helping to burn fat at a faster rate by stimulating fatty acid oxidation and aiding thermogenesis, AMP-V is a potent fat burner designed to shed unwanted body fat fast.

What is AMP-V by ATP Science?

A revolutionary new fat burning product, AMP-V by ATP Science has been designed to minimise the insulin response during exercise while maximising the oxygen delivery to fat cells, two key elements that help to accelerate fat loss. Working to help burn fat faster, AMP-V by ATP Science also has numerous benefits across enhancing performance, increasing focus, suppressing appetite and working as an anti-inflammatory.

How does AMP-V Work?

Backed by a number of scientific studies, it is proven that consuming 2ml of AMP-V prior to training will aid in the delivery of oxygen to fat cells and helps to minimise the body’s natural insulin response during workouts. By doing this, AMP-V by ATP Science acts as a powerful fat burner and thermogenic, ideal for anyone looking to tone up and shed unwanted body fat.

What are the Benefits of Taking AMP-V by ATP Science?

  • Helps to burn fat at a faster rate
  • Assists in stimulating lipolysis
  • Stimulates fatty acid oxidation
  • Increases thermogenesis and speeds up metabolism
  • Inhibits fat storage

Our Thoughts:

Providing huge benefits across thermogenesis and the inhibiting of fat storage, AMP-V by ATP Science truly is impressive as a highly effective fat burner. But as the team at found out, that’s not where the list of benefits cease. Going beyond the requirements of a fat burner and aiding in increasing focus, enhancing performance and suppressing your appetite, AMP-V is a supplement that benefits your training in numerous ways, earning it the Genesis tick of approval!

Where can I buy AMP-V by ATP Science?

If you’re after this highly effective thermogenic fat burner, then look no further! Grab your own AMP-V by ATP Science from now by clicking the link below!


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