Aftermath by Redcon1 - Post Cycle Therapy!

True to their motto of creating the highest state of readiness, Aftermath by Redcon1 will ensure you are able to be at peak performance sooner! With a formula that makes it an excellent addition to your anabolic themed stack, Aftermath is also a great addition to your post cycle therapy, to ensure your body gets back into balance faster, and therefore ready for another cycle of explosive new growth!

What is Aftermath by Redcon1?

Designed to compliment your muscle building stacks, Aftermath is suitable for use during your cycle but truly comes into its own when your cycle is finished, where it gets your body back into balance sooner. Redcon1 have made an incredibly efficient post cycle therapy with Aftermath, meaning you can expect your hormones to normalise sooner, and your new found muscle growth to continue to improve!

How does Aftermath Work?

If anyone was unsure about how hardcore Redcon1 is, Aftermath lets them know! The inclusion of 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin makes Aftermath one of the most potent post cycle therapies we’ve seen, with the effects of its testosterone enhancing compound being similar to that of the illegal drug anavar! While Aftermath is legal, it is one of the strongest products we have seen, and is a must have for anyone who is finishing a cycle of testosterone enhancement.

What are the Benefits of Taking Aftermath by Redcon1?

  • Enhanced muscular growth
  • Large increase in physical size
  • Reduction in estrogen levels
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced time between cycles

Our Thoughts:

The team at were stunned by the results we got from Aftermath! Redcon1 have produced an incredibly powerful formula that dramatically enhances size and strength, while reducing estrogen and repairing hormone levels so you can do another cycle sooner! Aftermath is great for intra-cycle, perfect for post cycle therapy, and great for all round hormone balancing! Definitely, Genesis-approved!

Where can I buy Aftermath by Redcon1?

If you’re in need of a powerful post cycle therapy, you can buy Aftermath now, just by clicking on the link below!

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