Stimul8 by Finaflex - High Stimulant Pre-Workout!

Coming in hot from the United States to our sunny shores is Stimul8 from the team at Finaflex! Meticulously reformulated to comply with Australia's exacting supplement standards, Stimul8 is a high potency pre-workout powder designed to deliver a super clean and super mean hit of energy that'll have you pumping out sets like it's going out of fashion! Packed with some of the craziest dosages of key ingredients, Stimul8 sets out to do exactly as its name suggests!

What is Stimul8 by Finaflex?

Specifically created to give your metabolism a swift kick into gear, Stimul8 literally stimulates the body with an incredible thermogenic effect that tears through fat with reckless abandon. Gaining notoriety for its endurance and pump complex, this Finaflex giant is designed to not merely improve your performance - but blow it out of the water!

How does Stimul8 Work?

Finaflex has ensured its adoring public that only the best have been included in Stimul8, a promise justified by its transparent ingredient list. A look at the label will uncover ingredients such as Citrulline Malate (2500mg), Beta Alanine (3200mg), Theacrine (30mg), Caffeine (300mg) and countless others! The result? An unbelievably strong hit of sustained energy that helps you unlock your fat burning potential!

What are the Benefits of Taking Stimul8 by Finaflex?

  • Super clean energy
  • Exact doses of key ingredients
  • Improved absorption of nutrients
  • Stimulant ingredient list
  • Vastly improve strength and power while burning fat

Our Thoughts:

We're proud that in Australia we maintain precise standards when it comes to supplements. This is one way the Genesis team are able to separate the fake from the real - and we're glad to say Stimul8 is the latter! This outstanding pre-workout activator is an almighty kick up the backside, so you better come prepared! We loved the thermogenic effect that really turned up the heat session after session!

Where can I buy Stimul8 by Finaflex?

If Stimul8 sounds like your new pre-workout of choice, head to the Genesis link now!

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