Resurgence by Blackstone Labs - Amino Acids!

Blackstone Labs present Resurgence, the all-day amino acid designed to enhance your energy levels and focus! If you're looking to stay on task with high concentration levels that keep you pushing hard right until the end of your workout, Resurgence can help whilst also ensuring your muscles see the benefit! Enhance each day with this nutrient-filled blend to be stronger and less lethargic!

What is Resurgence by Blackstone Labs?

While the aminos work to promote muscle growth and better quality workouts, added vitamins and minerals boost overall health by helping to rejuvenate your body. You'll be ready to take on your next workout faster thanks to your enhanced energy levels and reduced muscle soreness after a tough workout! It's varied approach makes it a winning formula!

How does Resurgence Work?

A muscle-building combination of amino acids has been combined with revitalizing vitamins and minerals to create a great base formula but it's the cutting edge ingredient Leucic Acid (or HICA) that really pushes Resurgence to the next level. Not to be confused with Leucine, this supercharged metabolite works to stimulate muscle growth alongside the other amino acids. In addition, mental focus is enhanced thanks to Noopept, Theobromine, and CDP Choline to enhance brain metabolism and clarity.

What are the Benefits of Taking Resurgence by Blackstone Labs?

  • Long lasting amino acids
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Vitamins and minerals for better health
  • Helps to prevent DOMS
  • More energy for workouts

Our Thoughts:

Using Resurgence gives you a full-spectrum combination of ingredients to help you get the best possible workout. From laser focus and energy to muscle repair and growth aminos, the Genesis team are huge fans of how the Resurgence formula works to fill in the gaps of your training plan. We also love the antioxidant and mineral content that keeps us feeling healthier as well as stronger as we take on those workouts!

Where can I buy Resurgence by Blackstone Labs?

Step up your workouts with aminos from Blackstone Labs! Just click the link below to get yours today!

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