Recov Bipeptides - 180 Peptide Tablets!

Yet again the Recov organisation has emerged as a bona fide revolution in the world of training, this time with Recov Bipeptides! Often overlooked in favour of powders, Bipeptides is an incredibly convenient way to receive the amino acids that our bodies are not physically able to produce. If these amino acids are not consumed through diet, you are potentially catabolising your muscle gains, and no one wants that!

What are Bipeptides by Recov?

Curiousity is a constant in the world of supplementation, and this curiousity is only heightened by the introduction of capsule-based products. These Recov Bipeptides are capsules that provide the full array of all 22 amino acids - which are absorbed at a considerable rate (around 15-20 minutes). Having being utilised heavily within the medical industry, these bipeptides are now readily available for public consumption!

How do Bipeptides Work?

The body is only able to produce 10 of the 20 odd amino acids with the rest required from particular dietary options. With that being said, specific dietary requirements and the rigours of daily life can make this difficult, which is where Bipeptides come into play. These Bipeptides are particularly unique in that they use 100% plasma protein (or serum albumin) that both strengthens athletes and allows them to properly recover!

What are the Benefits of Taking Bipeptides by Recov?

  • Highly convenient option
  • Unique use of serum albumin
  • Provides combination of all 22 amino acids
  • Addresses shortcomings within the diet
  • Helps to strengthen body and recover

Our Thoughts:

While many products are created with the intention of addressing a single issue, Recov Bipeptides go well beyond the call of duty with an incredibly technical build-up. The Genesis crew are constantly on the move, so we loved just how easy these capsules were to consume on the run. As much as we'd like to keep our recovery in check, it can become hard when we're busy, so Bipeptides are the perfect means of combatting that!!

Where can I buy Bipeptides by Recov?

If you're always on the run and need a convenient recovery capsule, check out Bipeptides from the Genesis link below!

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