Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass - 1250 Calorie Mass Gainer!

Whenever anyone enters the market for a mass gainer, they're doing so understanding the enormity of the process - something Optimum Nutrition truly value with Serious Mass! This weight gaining supplement is for the serious trainers, those looking to stack on mass by the boat-load with no signs of slowing down! Fear not though, Serious Mass contains some seriously special ingredients - far from your average, filler-ridden mass gainer!

What is Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition?

With a fantastic reputation already solidified, Optimum Nutrition continue to apply the same relentless work ethic with Serious Mass. This mass gainer has gained traction at pace in the world of supplementation because it provides key doses of the best quality ingredients. It allows the user to receive a massive caloric boost while also enjoying the full range of benefits associated with a hefty protein content and vitamin complex!

How does Serious Mass Work?

Serious Mass operates thanks to each piece of the puzzle falling into place just as it should. What do we mean by that? To start, the bulk of each 334g serve is made up of high quality carbohydrates that help to boost glycogen energy stores and assist with considerable muscular growth. Next, Serious Mass delivers an awesome 50g of protein, which are all digested at differing times throughout the day. With a vitamin and mineral blend and added MCT oils for fat burning and extra fuel, this product is highly suitable for hard gainers and elite athletes alike!

What are the Benefits of Taking Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition?

  • Outrageous 1250 calories per serve
  • High quality carbs for energy
  • 50g of protein - differing digestion rates
  • Additional vitamins and minerals
  • Suitable for hard gainers and serious athletes

Our Thoughts:

Genesis can assure you that 'Serious Mass' hasn't simply been given the name for added effect. This mass gainer is the real deal and some, drawing from the highest quality ingredients to ensure each and every scoop gets you over the line. While the prospect of 250g of carbs is daunting at first, we were pleasantly surprised at the way this product has been designed, allowing a caloric boost without feeling overly lethargic or bloated afterwards. Genesis sealed!

Where can I Buy Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition?

Serious Mass is seriously impressive - and seriously stocked! Genesis have it available now from the below link!

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