Optidreams by Platinum Labs - Sleep Formula!

While the current obsession amongst gym goers with alertness and focus is understandable, the value of a good night's sleep cannot be understated. Here to help you improve that aspect of your training is Optidreams by the team at Platinum Labs! Fully engaging the body AND the mind, Optidreams is a night-time formula that can assist in encouraging REM sleep, a deeper state of rest that allows the body to recover and grow!

What is Optidreams by Platinum Labs?

Many gym goers who may not have a deep understanding of the recovery process do not realise that 'rest' does not simply mean sipping on BCAAs and not moving for a day or two. A positive and deep sleep is imperative in your gains due to rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This state, although only relatively short can promote the release of growth hormone - necessary for lean muscle growth!

How does Optidreams Work?

This sleeping aid formula has been designed with ingredients that help to reduce the impacts of both anxiety and stress, which are two absolute sleep killers. In effect, Optidreams is a non-stimulant based metabolic booster and fat burner that will allow you to enter your next day with enthusiasm and vigour! With a better night's rest, you're able to not only attack your day but more imporantly, your gym session!

What are the Benefits of Taking Optidreams by Platinum Labs?

  • Non-stimulant formula for fat burning and metabolism boosting
  • Helps you enter a deeper state of sleep
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Contains ALCAR
  • Improves mind and body

Our Thoughts:

For anyone wanting to drastically improve their sleep while reducing the hindering impacts of stress and anxiety, we can't rate Optidreams highly enough! The Genesis team took an instant liking to this product and were able to enjoy a deeper sleep after a few weeks of use. It has been deliberately designed to put your body at ease - which is exactly what you need to succeed in your goals!!

Where can I buy Optidreams by Platinum Labs?

If you're tired of being tired and want a better night's rest - check out the Genesis link below to purchase this Platinum Labs product!

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