Fitting a healthy Diet into your life:

For many people, time management is the highest hurdle when it comes to a healthy diet. In a world in which we work more than any time in history, were convenience and unhealthy options go hand in hand and were healthy eating seems to be very low on priorities, despite knowing better. Certainly it can be difficult fitting meal preparation into a daily schedule over flowing with work and kids and, if you’re lucky, a stint in the gym a few days a week, but unless we make time for being healthy, very soon you will need to make time for being sick.

So let’s look at some of the most practical, clever and simple ways to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle.

  • Smart Shopping
  • Smart Snacking
  • Smart Preparation
  • Smart Supplementation

Smart Shopping

The number one way to ensure you begin developing healthy eating habits, is to break the most basic of bad habits – buying the wrong food at the supermarket. Many people have success with diet plans that include prepared meals that are delivered snap frozen, and these can be a great tool, however if the cupboards are packed full of unhealthy options then then your calorie control meal plans might go straight out the window, along with your hopes of a healthier body.

Breaking bad dieting habits often necessitates surrounding yourself with smarter options, if your favorite snack isn’t in the house, then slipping won’t be so easy and in a few short weeks you’ll find the cravings have subsided. By making time two days a week to do groceries, you should be able to stay stocked up on healthy, natural and fresh eating options. When cruising the aisles of the grocery store always remember, if it has no place in a healthy diet, then it has no place in your trolley.

Smart Snacking 

Smart snacking can take a bit of time to develop, and many might find it easier to avoid snacking (and slipping up) for the first few weeks when attempting to convert themselves away from unhealthy options. So long as the intention of the snack is justified then you should be able to stay on track. Snacking as part of a healthy lifestyle may be a little different to snacking as you know it. Quite often we snack not due to hunger but more so because we have a craving or our sweet-tooth gets the better of us. This makes Smart Shopping even more crucial, so that weaning ourselves of the sweets is a little easier. Instead snacking should be incorporated to allow a small hit of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates into the body to be used as fuel.

Small snacks of Berries, nuts, fruit and protein shakes are all great ways to keep the metabolism ticking over, keep the energy levels up and avoid lethargy that can often be symptomatic when starting a cleaner diet. It is also important to note that less calories coming in doesn’t necessarily mean you will have less energy, it may just take a week or so for the body to become accustomed to making use of the better fuels.

Smart Preparation

There is an old saying that “Fortune favors the prepared”, and nothing could be more true when it comes to a healthy eating plan. Unhealthy choices are often the product of unhealthy options, and that means you were not prepared. When cooking, whether it is just for yourself, a couple or a whole family, it is always a great option to have a few extra serving made up to snap up into containers and pop into the fridge for later.  Even if it is just the basic ingredients that get separated for later use, you can always find use for grilled chicken breast, lean beef mince or fish fillets at a later date.

Keep the fridge stocked up with these sorts of options and you will find yourself wondering how you ever survived any other way.

Smart Supplementation

Another crucial aspect of healthy lifestyle that includes resistance training, clean diet and sports is nutritional supplementation. From the standard multivitamin to creatine to post workout protein shakes, supplementation can play a vital role in supplying the body with the daily requirements.

A highly bio-available protein powder for before and after workouts can be a great way to get easily absorbed amino acids into the system without any added carbs, fats and calories that may be surplus to requirement.

Branched Chain Amino Acids in a free form can massively reduce muscle breakdown, both in the gym or while you’re working hard on the job, helping to maintain hard earned muscle and increase fat metabolism.

A high quality Multivitamin can have fantastic effects on overall wellbeing and can also curb hunger that is associated with the body being nutritionally unsatisfied. It will also cover any shortages in critical vitamins and minerals that may be missed in your general dietary intake, think of it as health insurance.

By following these points you will be able to improve general health, increase energy and start seeing better results from your training and discipline. Remember that there is always somebody under more pressure and with less available time, doing things the right way, it just takes time for the right way to become the habitual behavior you need to get healthier and stay that way. 

Green tea is particularly rich in substances called polyphenols which have strong antioxidant and anticancer activities. Green tea polyphenols is similar to vitamins C and E in their antioxidant protective properties.