Halo by Redcon1 - Natural Anabolic!

Halo contains just one powerful active ingredient and yet it's being raved about left, right and centre! The Redcon1 supplement helps you to stay anabolic for increased fat burn, muscle build, and protein synthesis. It's a naturally occurring yet highly potent compound that works incredibly hard to help you finally achieve the lean body of your dreams!

What is Halo by Redcon1?

Redcon1 have impressed again with this incredibly potent formula! While it works in similar ways to powerful doses anabolic steroids, the plant-based nature of the active ingredient makes it safe and better for your body! Expect a decreased rate of recovery after working out, improvements in growth hormone production, lean muscl growth and reductions in body fat!

How does Halo Work?

The only active ingredient in Halo is 500mg of Laxogenin and boy does this send our body into overdrive! Scientific studies have shown that large doses can stimulate huge improvements in protein synthesis and NO production while blocking cortisol. All this power from a plant-based steroid is hugely impressive and helps you to enjoy bigger, faster changes to your workouts, strength and physical appearance!

What are the Benefits of Taking Halo by Redcon1?

  • Huge increase in protein synthesis
  • Boost lean muscle growth
  • Enhanced growth hormone production
  • Naturally occurring supplement
  • More fat loss

Our Thoughts:

Halo has the Genesis team astounded with incredible results that are rarely seen from just one active ingredient! It's potency is almost unrivalled so Redcon1 have really impressed this time and we're noticing faster muscle growth and better recovery times too! If you're looking for a way to train for longer and with more energy, Halo can really do the trick! It's time to make real, tangible physical changes and quickly!

Where can I buy Halo by Redcon1?

Get Halo, the impressive performance enhancer from Redcon1, today! It's as easy as clicking the link below...

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