BSN Syntha-6 EDGE - NEW Syntha 6 Protein!

It's not often that we're lucky enough to be blessed by a new wave of protein products, but BSN have delivered yet again with Syntha-6 EDGE! It seems that 6 is the new 3 when it comes to protein, with Syntha-6 boasting a multi-source blend that has most other supplement companies trembling at the knees! Perfect for both lean muscle growth and recovery, let's have a deeper look at this revolutionary product!

What is Syntha-6 EDGE by BSN?

Above all else, Syntha-6 is best described as a premium quality sustained release protein powder. This sustained release is attributed to the range of sources utilised and is a great indicator of just how effective Syntha-6 is! With a delectable flavour profile you'll almost feel like you're indulging a cheat meal - not to worry though, you're only getting the good stuff with this BSN bad boy!

How does Syntha-6 Work?

Boasting a protein matrix that most others envy (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, micellar casein and milk protein concentrate), this specialised time released supplement helps to keep you fuller throughout the day as well as ensuring energy levels stay elevated no matter where you're at. This product edges out just about any other you can name!

What are the Benefits of Taking Syntha-6 EDGE by BSN?

  • Awesome multi-source protein blend
  • Massive 24g of premium quality protein per scoop
  • Time released
  • Perfect for the guys and the girls
  • Supports growth and recovery

Our Thoughts:

Already holding a stellar reputation, BSN's Syntha-6 EDGE is widely cited as one of the best tasting proteins available. With that being said, the Genesis team have reason to believe this product has far more than just the taste going for it. The 'EDGE' stems from the premium and superior ingredients that combine for the ultimate muscle building experience!!

Where can I buy Syntha-6 EDGE by BSN?

If you're looking for the ultimate EDGE in your training, Genesis have Syntha-6 in stock! Click the link below to pick yours up now!

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